Conversations & Resources for Conscious Awakening

Letters from 500 
Robert Lee Potter

What if you could receive a letter from 500 years in the future?

Visionary Cosmology 
Pamela Eakins

The 10 Powers of the Universe, the Tree of Life and Tarot.

The Missing Element 
Debra Silverman

Inspiring Compassion for the Human Condition.

Your Host: Cyndi Silva

Cyndi Silva is a Somatic Movement & Meditation Guide, Yoga & Pilates Teacher, Communal Leader, Human Design Analyst, Genetic Intuitive and Creative Muse. She educates, inspires and empowers individuals and groups as a facilitator of workshops, webinars, classes and personal sessions. 

Cyndi has a natural ability and passion to integrate leading edge scientific research with timeless mystical concepts. Her role is to transmit wisdom in practical terms that inspires curiosity in the direction of integrating our original essence and liberating our universal potential.

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