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Allowing Prosperity

Explore how to access the quantum field 

 to create a rich and fulfilling life.


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This webinar series, with Peggy Black and the 'team', offers effective tools for sculpting your future and all its many rewards.

Peggy Black


permiting , authorizing, empowering, owning, recognizing and accepting


flourishing, thriving, well-being, blessings, ease,

happiness, plenty and abundance

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Allowing Prosperity

A four session exploration in remembering the principles for creating in the quantum field.

4 - 2 Hour Webinars

These webinars provides incredible visual images, scientific data, processes and tools, as well as PDF notes to assist and support  your conscious creation of prosperity in all areas of life.

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Monday, September 29th
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            Wednesday, October 8th
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Four 2 Hour REPLAYS
These webinars are archived to watch at your convenience.

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Peggy Black, Transducer, Scribe and Witness; author, a world traveler and lecturer; thirty-five years experience in the healing field. Peggy is a Multidimensional Channel whose gifts as a clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairaudient intuitive allow her to assist individuals to live empowered, abundant lives. Peggy receives transmissions from her "team" called the Morning Messages. These messages are free to subscribers.

Sacred Sound Salutarist, Peggy uses powerful core sounds for vibrational healing. She's passionate about sharing the power of sound as a healing modality. She founded and hosts a monthly local Sound Pod that empowers others to freely use sound. She believes consciously intended sounds relieve stress, clear blockages and elevate awareness, promoting wholeness and healing.

Peggy has presented at: New England Sound Healing; World Sound Healing; and Global Sound.  Peggy founded the International Sound Symposium. She offered sacred sounds for the Shamanic Journey tour in temples and the Great Pyramid in Egypt. She conducted morning forums at Tom Kenyon's Sound Healer's Trainings. She was Ceremonialist for the sacred water ceremony, Ocean of Gratitude Cruise with Dr. Masaru Emoto. Presented at 2011 World Congress of Illumination with Patricia Cota-Robles.

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Here's what people are saying about Peggy and the 'team' 

"Thank you, thank you for your lush, vibrant webinar offering. I'm so grateful for your "Sound as Pure Potential" webinar series--your masterful weaving of rich information on sound was fresh and inspiring and beautifully illustrated. I highly recommend this webinar for those interested in an introduction to sound and for experienced sound workers as well." Deborah.

"Thank you Peggy for this empowering knowledge in this webinar series. I wish everyone in all walks of life could hear your talk. Especially, the children. This is the education our future generations, our civilization need to hear." Barbara

"I am truly grateful for your amazing "Alchemist Tools" webinar. The material and the tools presented were so powerful, rich in content, and they are so timeless. Regardless of whether we listen to it live or as a replay, the broadcast is filled with  information, presented with clarity and integrity." Jennifer    

"Another truly great presentation! Great job! I am looking forward to the next one." B

"This webinar series was sooooo rich. They always are each in their own unique way. You condense so much information in one place (e.g. research, practices and simple tools) so easy to follow, practical and transforming. bless you for all of it." Deb

"I have taken all of Peggy's webinars. I almost did not take this training because I thought it would be repetitive. I got more than my money's worth.

"I just finished the AMAZING Alchemist's Chamber series. I appreciate the abundance of ideas and information which sparked my imagination." Corky

"I enjoyed your series, the sessions were fantastic. The PowerPoint presentations were fabulous. You certainly put a lot consideration and work into them. I also loved the stories you shared. I loved your simplicity and the fact that you are so genuine." Sonja

"I am hoping you will make this set of recording and pdf's available for sale. They were incredible powerful.   I would love be able to refer my students."

"The Sound Extravaganza was incredible. I was not going to attend because of possible repetition from previous trainings and/or what I already know. It was delightful to find this series full of priceless information." Julie.

"At the last minute I was able to attend your webinar "Partnership with the Divine." Thank you for putting together this event. It was simple yet so profound, so meaningful and insightful." Lida

"This series REALLY pulled me out of my darkness. I feel renewed and optimistic for the future. I will listen to the replays as often as possible." Sue

"First thing on my list of things to do is to tell you how much I enjoyed your webinar. It was beautifully prepared and presented. thank you." Mary

"Thank you so much for your wonderful and delicious webinar to help us connect with our own spiritual team. I enjoyed it immensely. It was presented in a such a clear, understandable fashion and came through with your energetic signature of lightness and lovingness." Jenny

"Peggy, your "Sound as Pure Potential" webinar was so profound, enlightening fun and a deep reminder to listen from the soul to myself and others." Thank you for your words of wisdom. Jackie

"Thank you, Peggy for the depths/breadth of your service in this series. It was so complete/awesome." Cathy

"The Sound Extravaganza was incredible. I was not going to attend because of possible repetition from previous trainings and/or what I already know. It was delightful to find this series full of priceless information." Julie.