Wisdom Wednesday Audio Archive 2011
Recorded Jan., 26 2011 

2011 Astrological Outlook & Mayan Calendar
with Chris Taylor

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Recorded Tues., Feb 15 

Full Moon Sphinx Point Activation 
with Estaryia Venus
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Recorded Wed., Mar.23 

Venus Unveiled
with Martha Cuffy and Tanmayo Lawson

Recorded Wed., April 27 

Busting Loose from the Money Game 
with Robert Scheinfeld

Recorded Wed., June 22 

Shamanic Astrology and Celestial Timings
with Cayelin Castell

Recorded Wed.,July 27

The Holon Method :
with Carol Hannum

Recorded Wed., Sept. 14

Why You Are Here
Michael Paul Stephens

 Recorded Feb. 9th, 2011

Collective Evolution
The Film 
 60 min.

Recorded Wed., Mar. 16th 

Self Hypnosis: Achieving Your Goals with Tina Zion

Recorded Wed., Mar.30 

Be the Living Tree: From Roots to Fruits You are Divine
with Katherine and Malachi

Recorded Wed., May 11 

Karmic Astrology with Marguerite Manning
60 minutes

Recorded Wed., June 29

The Venus Gateway  with Estaryia

Recorded Wed.,Aug 10

Master Your Inner CEO:
with Susan Rueppel

Recorded Wed., Oct. 12

Genetic Alchemy Slide Show and Audio with Cyndi


Recorded Wed., Oct. 26

DNA and Your Destiny with Kenton David Bell


Recorded Wed., Jan. 12 

Soul Signals: Empowering Your Psychic Awareness 
with Tina Zion

MP3 File
Recorded, Mar. 9th

Mastering Your Inner CEO with Susan Rueppel

Recorded Wed., April 13 

The Holon Method and Healing Commands with Carol Hannum

Recorded Wed., May 25

Attracting Abundance with Venus with Estaryia

Recorded Wed., June 8

Circle of Life and Death
Louis Bourgeois

Recorded Wed., Aug 31

From Fear to Freedom with Karen Holbrook, AKA Kazzy

Recorded Wed., Sept. 28

Clearing Your Karma with Money Nathalie Ekobo